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Welcome to XSpada. We change the game for professionals & teams seeking the fastest spatial data workflows in their projects. Simply put, we are the quickest way for you to Create, Own, & Share the outputs with the best in-class computer vision tools that bring you & your clients to the forefront of innovation.

The XSpada platform utilizes NeRF technology to streamline spatial data workflows by providing users an easy to use interface that allows you to create, own, and share NeRFs with ease. Whether you're in construction, real estate, VFX or anything in between, XSpada can help you tell a story like never before with limitless, immersive media.

Exploring the novel innovations of NeRF Technology

The first workflow we are kicking things off with is our video/image -> 3D pipeline. With XSpada you're only a few clicks away from creating a virtual world that feels as if you are really there in the moment. Our platform accepts uploads from any capture device (mobile, DSLR, drone, 360 video, etc), offers a rapid turnaround time of 30 minutes, and is viewable within any browser & device. This experience can be shared in a multitude of ways depending on your subscription type.

Need a sneak peek? We uploaded a sample set of ~200 images and in no time at all, XSpada turned those images into a complete volumetric scene using the XSpada NeRF pipeline. Check out the NeRF we created with Franc Lucent (Michael Rubloff) at the Greystone Mansion in Los Angeles.

(Use “WASD” to traverse within the scene, and arrow keys to change viewing angles. You can also click and drag to rotate the camera position.)

Request Early Access & Connect with the Team

Thank you for taking the time to read our first blog post! It’s readers like yourself who will put these tools to use in the most creative & practical ways. So if you are ready to create transformative spatial data experiences for your clients, team, or even just yourself, you should check out XSpada. Early access can be requested via this link for a chance to join our beta. We’re excited to launch you into the world of Limitless Media.

Want to network with the XSpada team and learn more about our mission? Feel free to connect with & message us on Linkedin.

Looking to follow us on social media? You can check out our company pages here!

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