Intelligent Location Management

Easily capture scans, manage teams, & review projects, all in one location that is custom configured based on your team's unique needs, hardware, & deliverables.

Just take a 🎥 video

Quickly take out your camera of choice, snap a video & let our video to 3D pipeline extract as much information as you can get from being there in-person. Keep team members in the loop while better managing your location library.

Create it

XSpada transforms short videos into 3D scenes and limitless media. Ideal for everyone from smartphone enthusiasts to film professionals, it simplifies the capture of location media & data.

Own it

XSpada navigates the fast-paced AI realm, ensuring IP security and tool integration. It emphasizes creator autonomy, offering first-edition media and trusted, high-quality data for discerning clients.

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Share it

XSpada eases spatial data sharing, eliminating hardware needs. It enables straightforward data exchange and web-based collaboration, supporting interactive previews, website integration, and remote teamwork.

Work⚡️easily with everyone

XSpada connects team members in the field to decision makers in the blink of an eye. See where your team is with as much information as being there in-person.

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Never miss a single perspective

Share your scans with members of your team, clients, or the public. We've provided dynamic permissions made to work for your unique enterprise needs.
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Send throughout the team

Group team members by location and capture in bulk for rapid turnaround.
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Manage projects in one spot

Easily step into any project by managing your team's scans in one spot for review.

Race through projects

Save hundreds of hours sending scouts & decision makers to your locations. Now you just need a team member with a smartphone.

Keep your team connected

Every team member onboarded through XSpada can be given access to any scene scanned in the field.

Build a scalable data bank

No matter where in the world your team is, our platform allows for effortless communication & oversight across all your spatial data projects.

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