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Building the best next-generation interactive design tool. Driving Transparency & Efficiency within Every Location

Web Platform

Our platform offers a seamless journey from capturing videos to rendering them on the web. Immerse yourself in first-person viewing, enjoy efficient backend processing, and embrace hassle-free collaboration.

Easy-to-Use Interface
Designed for both beginners and experts, our platform ensures a smooth, intuitive experience from start to finish, regardless of your technical background.
Rapid Turnaround
Most scans take less than 2 minutes to capture, and with XSpada's servers processing at light speed, we enable your team with the fastest end-to-end 3D visualizations out there.
Real-Time Collaboration
Multiple people on the team can upload & view scans, annotate & take notes, and even screen share, allowing for the best all-in-one spatial data platform for managing your locations.

Never miss a single perspective

One video turns into limitless photos, limitless videos, & a million possible stories to be told about your locations & data. Step into XSpada's visualization tool for the best way to interact with your team member's and the locations they've been in.

Free Roaming
Move around scenes without being bounded to individual locations in the space. Any position, any perspective, all right at your fingertips.
Snap angles you want to save for later. Work with your team by marking up images to better enhance both your planning & efficiency on-site.
Show your space how you intended it by making it simple for clients to visualize a space by picking from one of our provided camera paths, or import your own.
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Telepresence for Teams

Any Device

Link your team by the gear they own. Whether you use iOS, Android, tablets, drones, 360 cameras, etc. we've got your team covered.


Quickly tap a team member's shoulder from wherever you are in the world, and have them quickly capture locations at a moments notice.

Build your network

Onboard team members or temporary users to your spatial data capture team. Watch your location libraries stay up to date, accurate, & grow faster than ever before.

Everywhere you need to be - All in one spot

Manage locations by project

Quickly move between different assets by managing groups of scans by projects.

Magic Toolbox

By saving yourself time with XSpada, you subscribe to an ever-expanding set of tools that find themselves right within any location you need.

Accessible Deliverables

All your work is enabled with configurable permissions to accommodate your specific team's needs. Whether you are leading a group of location scouts, or touring a prospective client around a home, XSpada makes the effortless connection from person to location.

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